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Daryl Adams is one of the founding board members of A Cry for Freedom. His passion for preventing childhood sexual abuse is forged in the battles of his own family’s generational abuse.

01. Our Vision

No child should ever have to suffer the life-long debilitation that results from childhood sexual abuse. Our vision is to reach as many children as possible to prevent childhood sexual abuse and to stop abuse currently taking place.

02. Our Mission

Our mission is to help families and educators train children to learn the words, “STOP! DON’T TOUCH ME THERE! and be able to scream them.  These short, simple phrases will give them the confidence to say no and to tell people..

03. Our Value

We believe that childhood is the building block for the rest of their life. The damage done to them at an early age does immeasurable damage that is difficult to undo. Therefore, it is essential to stop childhood abuse before it happens.

04. Expanding Goal

We are starting in Palm Beach County and hope to expand to reach other cities within the United States with the message that empowers children to stop abuse.

The History of A Cry for Freedom

Our story is one rooted in an unwavering commitment to empower children to tell the perpetrators, “Stop! Don’t touch me there!” and to tell as many people as necessary until change happens…to “Tell Ten” until one of them sends help.

Board Of Directors

The implications of childhood sexual abuse last a lifetime. Each precious child who is empowered to scream for help–help to stop it before it starts or to stop what is already going on–is victory. If we help save one life from the lifelong devastation of childhood sexual abuse, our efforts have been rewarded.

Daryl Adams


Billy Terrell

Treasurer and Director

    Charlotte Webb

    Secretary and Director